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Tillotson Unveils New Standard in Lawnmower Engine Power to U.S. Lawn and Garden Industry

Leading carburetor manufacturer introduces Diamond Standard Vertical Engine for more power and torque, greater stability and better emission control

We’ve taken all of our engineering expertise and a century of industry knowledge to create one of the most powerful lawnmower engines in this space
— Tillotson President Charles Demirjian
LOUISVILLE , KENTUCKY, USA, October 19, 2016 / -- The lawn and garden industry continues to grow in the United States with a resounding call for some of the world’s toughest equipment to meet customer demands. Tillotson, a world leading manufacturer of carburetors, is introducing the first Tillotson made lawn mower engine at the 2016 Green Industry & Equipment Expo in Louisville, KY, October 19-21.

The Diamond Standard Vertical engines fill a void in today’s market by combining top quality and power with affordability and a truly green footprint. The engines are powered by Tillotson’s patented TillotsonTCT fuel system, which can reduce emissions by up to 40 percent. The new line of engines will be on display at the Tillotson Booth, #10062 in the OEM Suppliers Pavilion.

“The Tillotson name and reputation has been a powerhouse in the lawn and garden industry for more than 100 years. Now we’ve taken all of our engineering expertise and a century of industry knowledge to create one of the most powerful lawnmower engines in this space,” said Tillotson President Charles Demirjian. “Our design provides more power and torque along with greater stability and lower emissions. The combination of our high quality manufacturing with our new TillotsonTCT fuel technology allows our engines to take on the toughest jobs.”

Tillotson is introducing three engine sizes to the U.S. market: 140cc, 173cc and 196cc. All of the engines feature Tillotson’s new Tillotson TCT fuel system technology, that provides more power and more torque under heavy loads.

“This engine will increase the value of manufacturer’s equipment while a creating a significant product cost savings. We are excited to introduce it to the U.S. market at GIE 2016,” added Demirjian.

Also on display at GIE, Tillotson will be showcasing the TillotsonTCT technology, high performance racing carburetors, a line of portable electric generators and utility horizontal engines.

Tillotson TCT
The new TillotsonTCT carburetor is more than just a carburetor; it’s a fully integrated fuel system technology that combines a form of mechanical fuel injection with enhanced atomization and accelerated fuel flow. With the TillotsonTCT technology, we are able to map the carburetor performance to the engine, increasing and decreasing the fuel/air mixture to provide the engine with optimum performance and the lowest possible emissions. Traditional carburetors can only add fuel as the engine accelerates, making it difficult to adjust to lean spots and impossible to reduce fuel along the progression. With the TillotsonTCT technology, we can add or subtract the fuel supply wherever and whenever desired in the acceleration curve. We can also provide more fuel at idle and less fuel at WOT to make starting easier while still lowering overall emissions.

The Tillotson brand has been trusted for more than 100 years around the world with professional quality, durability, power and performance. For more information, visit

About Tillotson
Tillotson is one of the oldest carburetor manufacturers in the world. Operations began in 1914 with the manufacture of float carburetors by Tillotson Manufacturing in Toledo, Ohio. In the late 1940’s, Tillotson invented the diaphragm carburetor, which replaced the float bowl with a rubber diaphragm, thus allowing engines to operate in virtually any position. This innovation led the way to an explosion in hand-held lawn and garden equipment, including chain saws, brush cutters, and blowers.

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