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Life Coach and Author Patrick Lafontaine brings purpose back to millions of lives

Life Coach Patrick Lafontaine brilliantly wrote two astonishing books, called "Finding My Way" & "A Lifestyle Change!":a distillation of his collective stories.


Pioneering Life Coach Patrick Lafontaine brilliantly wrote two astonishing books, called "Finding My Way" and "A Lifestyle Change!" Finding My Way and A Lifestyle Change is a distillation of his collective stories, insights, tools, and strategies that delve into the particular issues that people face.
Packed with touching stories from his exciting journey in life as he shares advice and guidance on how he was able to take the traumatic obstacles that crossed his life path and use them as a motivator to grow and create positive change in his life. Finding My Way and A Lifestyle Change are survival guides for people looking to overcome and turn their life around including great advice on nutrition and losing weight.
This inspirational compilation is a healing guide for those who have been touched by traumatic obstacles and events in their life. While most experts’ urge people to stay positive and gloss over the hardships they endure, Patrick Lafontaine encourages people to honor their suffering as worthy of acknowledgment, attention, and respect.
Each book covers the pain, the difficulties, and the dilemmas that people with life face day in and day out and addresses the hard questions, such as: How do we cope with these obstacles? Do we let the negative things that happen to us in life get the best of us and slowly destroy us making us feel angry, saddened and depressed?, Can any good come from this?, and How can God exist in a world with such suffering? People learn to master their anxiety, adopt an approach that works for them, and even recognize the gifts that can come with the obstacles we face in life. The books offers an insightful examination of how traumatic events in our lives can add new meaning to a person’s life story, and concludes with one man’s remarkable journey - Patrick Lafontaine.
Pain and suffering has power, but those afflicted with pain and suffering have power as well. The ability to cope and find meaning when life is at its darkest shows the force of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Finding My Way and A Lifestyle Change serves as a “pocket therapist” for CEO’s, executives, people in the work force, their families who suffered with them, and others whose lives have been clouded by endless obstacles and who need the wisdom of the most experienced Life Coach and Author Patrick Lafontaine to renew hope and to guide them on this journey.

“Patrick Lafontaine has written compassionate, wise, and accessible books about living with the obstacles that face us in life. He lets those who are on that journey illuminate your way.”
— Stacey Chillemi is the author of more than 20 self-help and inspirational books including The Secret to Happiness & Success: Master the Power of Positive Thinking and Founder of

Patrick Lafontaine, Patrick Lafontaine, has lived in Washington DC, London, Brussels, Barcelona and Luxembourg. He has worked for firms from various cultures around the globe in sectors ranging from finance to commercial real estate. Patrick holds a BBA and a Master’s degree and passed the Series 7 and Investment Management Certificate. He is available for interviews. His website,

Finding My Way and A Lifestyle Change
By Patrick Lafontaine
A Lifestyle Change! Paperback and E-book • ASIN: B01FUJ1OBE
Finding My Way Paperback and E-book • ISBN: 978-1532796340
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