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Donald Trump's Congressional District

A non-politician challenges decades-long incumbent in Donald Trump's Congressional District

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 13, 2016 / -- Robert Ardini, 2016 Republican Nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives in Donald Trump's Congressional District NY12, is challenging the 23 year Democrat incumbent - Carolyn Maloney. Adding further interest to this race is the fact that, although the District is overwhelming Democrat, it is often cited as having the greatest concentration of the wealthiest Republicans in the nation.

Robert Ardini's primary campaign issue is the National Debt. According to him "The National Debt is way out of control.  If we don’t stop the insanity now, we may find ourselves bankrupt like Greece.  All the money we’re spending on interest on the debt we should be spending on roads & bridges, surveillance to combat terrorism, reducing taxes, and paying down that debt.  And if we don’t get a handle on it, it will just continue to grow.  We have to start by balancing the budget.  It’s that simple."

Robert Ardini's secondary campaign issues are Congressional Gridlock and Term Limits. On Gridlock he says, "We spend a lot of time and money electing members of Congress.  For what?  They can’t seem to get much done because of gridlock.  If I’m elected, I’ll do just what Ronald Reagan did.  I’ll get to know as many members of the House as possible – particularly the opposing party – so that when it’s time to compromise,  we’ll have a foundation of respect from which to find common ground and build from there. President Obama might be a great father because he’s at the dinner table most nights; however I can’t help thinking that gridlock would be far less of a problem if, instead, he simply socialized more with individual members of the House and Senate."

As for Term Limits in the House and Senate, Robert Ardini says "My Democrat opponent has been a member of the House for 23 consecutive years.  That can’t be what our Founders intended.  Congressional Term limits have been proposed before and never pass because you’re asking people to vote themselves out of a job.  I want to introduce term limits that don’t kick-in until 15-or-so-years from now; that way, there’ll be no conflict of interest issues and perhaps it will pass."

Robert Ardini, a former Marketing Executive, also operated a small (publishing) business for nine years - so he's well aware of all of the unnecessary crippling government regulations that exist. This is his first run for political office.

Pope Francis and Beethoven both figure in to Robert Ardini's background. Just like the Pope, Ardini lost a lung at an early age. And, Ardini, also a Juilliard-trained musician, is a student-descendant of Beethoven; that means if you trace back four or five student-teacher relationships, you’ll find Beethoven.

In addition to music, Robert Ardini's other hobby is growing roses. He is a recognized expert on the subject. According to Ardini, "I began growing roses as a teen and then started exhibiting them competitively nationwide.  Ironically, now I find myself running for federal office and the rose – our national flower – has been part of my life for decades."

Robert Ardini is part of a small group of people worldwide who have traveled to all seven continents. When asked which was most memorable, he answers "Antarctica, because it may be one of the few places on earth that must look exactly as it did 100 years ago, 500 years ago…"

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