Cuomo’s Justice Center Covering up Sexual Assaults

Jonathan Carey "Champion for the Disabled" Born September 12,1993 Killed by caregivers on February 15,2007

Almost all reported criminal sexual assault cases to NY Gov. Cuomo’s Justice Center abuse hotline are never criminally investigated and disappear

Governor Cuomo’s Justice Center is not a Justice Center; it is a fraudulent whitewash entity where most reported sexual assault crimes disappear.”
— Michael Carey

DELMAR, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2016 / -- An article titled, “Cuomo: Colleges ‘tend to cover up’ sexual assaults” written by Chris Bragg appeared in The Albany Times Union Capitol Confidential on June 8, 2015 . This article reveals a genuine and extremely disturbing problem of cover ups of sexual assaults, yet the same exact problem is occurring within Governor Cuomo’s overseen mental health agencies. In this article Governor Cuomo is pushing legislation and says “that institutions have reason to often “cover up” sexual assaults on campuses.” The article continues “Campuses tend to cover up these crimes,” Cuomo said, before the filming of a documentary on the topic, “The Hunting Ground,” at the New York State Museum. “Campuses are businesses, they are brands, they don’t want newspaper stories with rapes happening on their college campuses. So they have campus security handle it, and more than anything else they want it to go away… And they want it to go away quietly.”

Governor Cuomo says in this news piece bringing attention to legislation that he wants, “Citing “overwhelming” statistics that this is indeed the case, Cuomo said his “yes means yes” legislation would also give sexual assault victims the chance to take their allegations to law enforcement instead of campus security.” At the same time Governor Cuomo wants all sexual assaults and rapes of the disabled and mentally ill within agencies under his control to be reported internally and not go directly to local police. These sexual assaults and rapes are crimes and must obviously be immediate and directly reported to 911 so local police can immediately respond and investigate these crimes. Governor Cuomo’s plan to keep these crimes against the disabled internally reported and investigated by his fraudulent Justice Center abuse hotline is the ultimate hypocrisy as the Governor attacks colleges for doing what he is doing.

Many New York State documents obtained through Freedom of Information (FOIL) requests reveal rampant sexual abuse within Governor Cuomo’s agency caring for the developmentally disabled, yet the Governor remains silent on this? Why the double standard? Why are not developmentally disabled children and adults being treated the same and equally? Why is Governor Cuomo not taking emergency actions and why is he not fighting for emergency legislation to stop much of the preventable sexual assaults and rapes of the disabled? Why is Governor Cuomo not stopping the internal investigations of these horrific crimes and cover-ups by his Justice Center? It is amazing how politician’s attempt to gain fame and notoriety and jump on the bandwagon when a topic is being spoken about nationally. Governor Cuomo is also directly quoted, “Cuomo expressed optimism that the bill would pass this session, and said it would set a precedent that would be followed nationwide. “That’s the power of New York.,” Cuomo said. “Let’s make New York a better place, let’s make this nation a better place.” I could not agree more with the governor, yes let’s make New York a better place, let’s make this nation a better place, but let’s start by treating our most vulnerable with disabilities that cannot care for or defend themselves equally and protect them. Let’s put in place every imaginable safety and abuse prevention measure to stop the horrific rampant sexual abuse of our disabled in New York State. All of my attempts to work with Governor Cuomo to address these extremely disturbing criminal matters and to stop the criminal cover-ups of these sexual assaults by his agencies and his wrongfully titled Justice Center have gone ignored. It is like the disabled are not even human beings and that they are unworthy of protecting or ensuring immediate 911 emergency first responder medical and police assistance and services when they are victims of sexual assault crimes. It is sickening what is going on and these shameful criminal cover-ups must be stopped now.

To shine a light on what Governor Cuomo’s bogus Justice Center is doing to make most criminal sexual assaults of the disabled disappear it is important to reveal how they operate. Instead of directing mandated reporters that witness or have knowledge of these crimes to immediately call 911, the State of New York directs them to call Cuomo’s Justice Center instead. The penalty is a misdemeanor if the mandated reporter does not call Governor Cuomo’s operated hotline. At the same time there is no law requiring these crimes to be immediately reported to 911 where they should go and no penalty if mandated reporters and witnesses do not call 911. This is all intentional to keep everything internal and in house so that almost everything can easily be covered-up. As for any crime, key evidence must be collected by law enforcement right away and retained for successful prosecutions of these sexual assault crimes. Bypassing 911 and bypassing local police and emergency medical first responders guarantees that evidence of these crimes will not be gathered and retained that could be used against the State of New York, their employees, as well as their sub-contracted providers and their employees. Key evidence such as a recorded 911 call, written independent medical and police reports, photographs, DNA, written victim statements and written witness statements, all critical to prosecute these sexual assaults are currently purposefully not being obtained. Governor Cuomo’s Justice Center is not a Justice Center; it is a fraudulent whitewash entity where most reported sexual assault crimes disappear. Cuomo’s Justice Center is allowing the provide agencies, State or private, in most cases to internally investigate sexual assaults and rape crimes of the disabled for the exact same reasons that colleges want these crimes to be internally investigated and disappear. Governor Cuomo’s mental health agencies and fraudulent Justice Center don’t want newspaper stories with rapes happening in their facilities and group homes. So they have themselves handle it, and more than anything else they want it to go away… And they want it to go away quietly.

The numbers are staggering and overwhelming; years of State documents reveal an average of 325 sexual assaults of the developmentally disabled every three months or 1300 annually in New York State. A highly recognized report and study reveal that only 3% of sexual abuse of the developmentally disabled will ever be reported Simply do the math, the sexual abuse of the disabled in New York State is astronomical, it is massive in scope and Governor Cuomo is doing nothing to stop it or ensure that these crimes are immediately reported directly to the emergency 911 call systems throughout the State so local police and medical personal can respond. Quite frankly it is unbelievable the level of discrimination and civil rights violations that continue in NYS with the direct disregard for the immediate safety, health, rights and lives for our most vulnerable. Hopefully this press release will catapult you into action to help stop these atrocities and injustices. The purposeful acts of covering up sexual assaults crimes of the disabled and protecting rapists and pedophiles, instead of the disabled, are far worse crimes and they must be stopped now.

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