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US Cryotherapy™ announces another opening of a C4 large franchise

Grand Opening

Pleasanton, CA Grand Opening September 23-24

PLEASANTON, CA, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2016 / -- US Cryotherapy Franchisees Aaron and Liz Howe will open the US Cryotherapy Pleasanton doors to the public in a Grand Opening Event on Friday, September 23rd at 5684A Stoneridge Drive,
Pleasanton, CA 94588. The cold air therapy wellness center offers a unique new way to cool and heal a person's body. Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) offered by US Cryotherapy is exposure to subzero temperatures in a walk-in chamber environment using refrigerated cold air with no use of liquid nitrogen. The entire body is exposed (including chest, neck, and head during the short duration session). Extreme cold stimulates skin sensors, activating a Central Nervous System (CNS) response, which causes the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain inhibitors and mood elevators, and can accelerate recovery benefits while elevating mood and energy. Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments have been adopted by elite athletes, pro teams, and the general public as a holistic new way to treat the body. The center will also offer localized cold air treatments, a Hydro massage bed and facial rejuvenation options.
“Liz and I have been working hard to bring a US Cryotherapy center to the East Bay. This technology and the outcomes people feel from whole body cryotherapy in the walk-in systems are astounding. We are thrilled to make it available to customers in need in this area”, stated Aaron Howe, Founder of the Franchise. “We have personally seen dramatic lifestyle and health benefits from routine use of the chamber and localized devices,” added Liz. “Anyone dealing with chronic or acute pain or inflammation, or in need of general recovery, an energy boost or mood enhancement, need to come give us a try. You will not be disappointed; in fact, you will become hooked.” concluded Howe.
“US Cryotherapy systems, services, and superior outcomes are starting to sweep the nation”, offered Kevin Kramer, Co-owner and Chief Executive Officer of US Cryotherapy. “As consumers educate themselves on this technology (evaluating centers for safety, treatment experience, cost, and consumer value), our retail business model has thrived as our centers are becoming available to customers around the nation with very reasonable prices delivering high value services. Whole Body Cryotherapy should be incorporated into a lifestyle regimen, several times weekly, which means it has to fit within everyone’s budget. Nitrogen Sauna competitors have driven a novelty experience marketplace with high price points per treatment, some as high as $140 per treatment for 3.5 minutes, that would get you nearly 30 days of use at one of our locations. We aim to make these amazing recoveries available to everyone around the nation using superior equipment and customer management, while not being out of line with the cost of treating oneself to better health.” concluded Kramer.
US Cryotherapy Pleasanton CA is located at: 5684 Stoneridge Drive, Suite A Pleasanton, CA 94588 Hours of operation, pricing, and other information can be found at:
About US Cryotherapy:
US Cryotherapy™ is a cold air therapy & equipment company based in the Sacramento, CA area. They operate company owned treatment centers in Roseville, CA and Davis, CA. with new locations (corporate or franchisee centers) planned in various locations around the country expanding rapidly.
US Cryotherapy was the first and remains the only company in the US offering whole body, walk-in chamber therapy using no liquid nitrogen for cooling. Their C4 systems accommodate up to four people in the chamber per session and are all electric refrigerated cold fresh air. There are documented advantages in areas of: safety, outcomes, and convenience using US Cryotherapy equipment. They are a global leader in WBC having administered more than 400,000 treatments since 2011 in multiple locations throughout the US.
US Cryotherapy is owned and operated by the Kramer family. US Cryotherapy's flagship center is located at 8200 Sierra College Blvd, Roseville, CA with Corporate Offices at 1490 Drew Ave, Suite 110 Davis, CA 95618. # 866-279-2796
For more information regarding US Cryotherapy, contact Kevin Kramer – CEO, at, or call 707-301-7690

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US Cryotherapy
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