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Vitaly Verlov Tapped as Broadcast Designer for New Russian TV Network Zhara

Motion Graphics Designer Vitaly Verlov

Motion Graphics Designer Vitaly Verlov leads the broadcast design for Russia's new music television network Zhara, set to launch later this year!

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 23, 2016 / -- Known for his work as a motion graphics designer for the Russian branches of MTV and VH1, as well as the entertainment television channel Pyatnica! (aka Friday!), Vitaly Verlov is taking the lead as broadcast designer for Russia's new music television network Zhara.

A cable network that will be available nationwide in Russia, as well as through IPTV operators, Zhara, which translates to "Heat," is slated to have its initial launch in Russia on Oct. 10. The new network will officially begin airing nationwide in Russia and several of the other eight states in the Commonwealth of Independent States in November as well.

Zhara is also the organizer of the annual Zhara Fest, an international music festival that brings audiences some of the best acts from around the globe. Zhara Fest kicked off its first festival on the Caspian shore in Baku, Azerbaijan in July offering audiences an impressive line-up featuring major artists including Valery Meladze, Nyusha, Nikolai Baskov, Slava, MBAND, Potap and Nastia, Burito, Irina Dubtsova, Svetlana Loboda, Glukoza, IOWA, and Eurovision alums such as Sergey Lazarev, Samra Rahimli, Polina Gagarina, Ani Lorak, Alex Sparrow, Philipp Kirkorov and many more household names.

While the music festival has assuredly gained traction with fans and helped to put the Zhara brand on the map, their television presence will soon prove monumental. Integrating social media and placing a heavy emphasis on viewer interaction, Zhara's innovative approach to programming will forever change how we view music television. For example, through an interactive application that is linked with Zhara, viewers will be able to tweet what’s on their mind and see their tweets appear on the TV screen, or use specific hashtags to find music on the live playlist that relates to their tag, and react to the now-playing music videos in real-time by clicking 'like' or 'dislike' on a specific music video or artist. Zhara's interactive social media functions will be integrated into the network and available to users in the months following its launch in October.

As Zhara's game-changing mission will inevitably have a huge impact on modern music television, the network required a broadcast designer who, aside from having strong technical skills, would be able to create visually striking graphics and an overall brand personality that would speak to the network's innovative concept; and Vitaly Verlov's proven track record of success made him the obvious choice for the role.

About his work for Zhara, Verlov says, "My role as a broadcast designer has been to develop and implement the on-air look and feel of the channel as well as consulting in terms of integrating social media features to enhance the interactive experience."

When it comes to the launch of a new network or brand, an area where Verlov's extensive experience has been integral to the success of an overwhelming list of international clients, tapping into what interests the target audience is imperative. For Zhara, Verlov has created a bright, modern, glitchy and in your face design that speaks to the network’s cutting-edge mission and will effortlessly grab the attention of modern audiences.

A multi-talented motion graphics designer and VFX artist, Verlov has proven his talent for producing modern, hip and captivating graphics for an illustrious list of globally recognized companies over the years including Max Factor, Nokia, Samsung, Peugeot, Volkswagen, RUTV and more.

Zhara owner Sergey Kozhevnikov, who is also the co-owner of Russian Media Group, explains, "When it comes to on air graphics, we wanted to make conventional things look different, more bold, focused and even rebellious. And that’s exactly what Vitaly Verlov was able to deliver."

Earlier this year Kozhevnikov hired Verlov to work as the broadcast designer of Russia's new home repair, planning and DIY channel, Tvoy Dom, which is available nationwide to over 20 million pay-TV households.

What makes Verlov so unique in the industry is the way he easily translate his creativity to fit the needs of any client. Regardless of whether he is using his masterful skill in motion graphics design to create cutting edge graphics for commercials or show-openers and brand identities for television networks, or working as a leading visual effects artist in the international film industry, Verlov has proven himself to be one of the most talented in the field. For Verlov, VFX and motion graphics are merely tools to meet an end, but the way he uses them reveal true artistry.

He explains, "I think VFX and motion graphics are storytelling devices, and I always try to approach projects from the storytelling perspective. So for me the primary task is not making a neat looking animation or effect but supporting and enhancing the context it is a part of. "

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