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Gov. Cuomo’s Justice Center likened to Organized Crime

Jonathan Carey "Champion for the Disabled" Born September 12,1993 Killed by caregivers on February 15,2007

Governor Cuomo’s fraudulent Justice Center was primarily set up to continue covering-up most reported crimes and deaths

The shameful, extremely negligent, corrupt and deadly New York State mental health care system and the Justice Center cover-up entity must be exposed for what it really is.
— Michael Carey
DELMAR, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2016 / -- As I watched the Preet Bharara and FBI press conference yesterday and the announcement of arrests of people close to Governor Cuomo through work or financial dealings it reminded me of organized crime. The terms spoken of and used in the press conference such as public corruption, fraud and “Ziti” for money as well as false or hidden names also reminds everyone of organized crime. Hidden dealings, lies, deception, lots of money, corruption, crime, deaths, cover-ups, a specific culture of keeping crimes from being prosecuted remind us all of organized crime. Governor Cuomo’s Justice Center is almost exactly opposite from its wrongfully titled name, the “Justice Center” and everything just mentioned is part of its daily operations. Governor Cuomo’s Justice Center has been repeatedly exposed by AP News and BuzzFeed News this past year in numerous investigative reporting pieces. I have attached a few;
For many decades New York State has treated the disabled and those struggling with mental illness as a sub class of human being, or in other terms the bottom of the barrel and has used them for financial gain New York State, under the guise of a “Justice Center” is hiding and concealing most of the crimes, the severe damages and loss of innocent life as a direct result of the known fraud and corruption.
Jonathan Carey, my son, was developmentally disabled and had autism and he was only 13 when he was killed by his caregivers in 2007 - . Jonathan is one of many hundreds of innocent people with disabilities dying long before they should because of a corrupt system that uses the disabled for financial gain and profit. Ever since Jonathan was killed, as Jonathan’s dad, I have been fighting for a law to require immediate and direct 911 reporting by mandated reporters, but this is the last thing New York State wants because bypassing 911 and local police is how crimes and deaths are easily covered-up. Does this sound like organized crime?
People entrenched in this culture of corruption believe they must hide the severe damages, injuries and deaths resulting from their actions. In this case the purposeful gross negligence of care, so that they can stay in business and keep their lucrative and unjust salaries. Politically connected people and entities are making massive amounts of money off the disabled, literally using them, and not caring about their safety or if they die, another in line will simply fill the bed. Sounds like corruption and organized crime to me. The shameful, extremely negligent, discriminatory, and deadly New York State mental health care system and the Justice Center cover-up entity must be exposed for what it really is. Most physical and sexual abuse and neglect of the disabled will never be witnessed and reported, yet over 7,000 calls on average are called into Governor Cuomo’s Justice Center internal abuse and death hotline every month. Eleven to 12 deaths of people with disabilities are reported to this same fraudulent State agency every day on average and the acting Executive Director, Jay Kiyonaga, has directed in writing that the State and private provider agencies investigate deaths occurring in their own facilities. . Here is the exact quote, “State and private providers should continue to review/investigate deaths in their programs, unless informed otherwise by the Justice Center.” Keeping deaths hidden from local authorities and internal? Does this not sound like organized crime to you? Governor Cuomo knows that there cannot be a greater conflict of interest and that this is a criminal obstruction of justice, but this is the agreement the State has with their providers which is about protecting them and their employees from litigation. Was not part of organized crime based on paying money for protection and covering up deaths?
From the CQC/Justice Center website though it claims to be about protecting the disabled, about protecting those with special needs from abuse and neglect, but it really is about protecting the abusers and those providing negligent and unsafe care and services. Governor Cuomo’s fraudulent whitewash entity is about making almost all reported crimes, including criminally negligent deaths disappear. Everything points towards organized crime.
Following the award winning New York Times “Abused & Used” massive investigative reporting series that exposed New York State’s extremely dangerous and deadly system, Governor Cuomo took every step imaginable to hide and conceal what is really happening behind closed doors . Governor Cuomo took no immediate actions to protect the disabled from abuse or neglect or stop the further loss of innocent lives. Governor Cuomo removed all independent oversight including all legal law entities that were able to assist the disabled and go into these facilities and group homes at any time, except for one that he handpicked. Governor Cuomo selected Disability Advocates and Timothy Clune who worked for him when he was the Attorney General. The pattern continues to surface, close handpicked and hand selected people that will do almost anything for large sums of money, with DRNY it is about buying protection and silence. Executive Director Clune and at least one other top DRNY official makes close to Governor Cuomo’s salary and the last thing that DRNY officials want to do is lose their lucrative salaries or the contract they obtained directly from Governor Cuomo. Sounds like corruption and organized crime.
Deception and lies are also key to any scams or schemes along with name changes. Sounds like some of what US Attorney Preet Bharara was talking about yesterday. Disability Advocates changed their name to become Disability Rights New York or DRNY. Sounds like a really good name, but all along DRNY has been guarding Governor Cuomo and his supposed Justice Center with a vengeance, refusing to seek swift federal intervention to stop the thousands of criminal cover-ups of crimes and deaths. As everyone knows to successfully cover-up very ugly and criminal matters you have to control everything and keep everything internal ensuring that 911 recorded calls or independent medical and police reports, medical examiner and coroner initial reports or autopsy reports are rarely generated. DRNY would be used primarily by the Cuomo administration to be complicit and silent as thousand of crimes would be and continue to be covered-up. God only really knows the real numbers of criminally negligent deaths covered up, the numbers are without question huge. DRNY is part of the cover-up scheme, only doing the bare minimum to give an appearance of legitimacy, when primarily looking the other way literally refusing to even request federal criminal and civil rights investigations to happen by US Attorney Preet Bharara and the US Department of Justice. The similarities to the operations of organized crime are strikingly close.
Governor Cuomo following the NY Times “Abused & Used’ series worked closely with the grossly negligent providers to concoct the scheme to rename and relocate the CQC with decades history of covering –up almost everything reported to them. The cover-up scheme and purposes are the exact same, but magnified or on steroids, keeping almost all reported crimes and deaths from 911, from local police, from local emergency medical personnel, from County elected District Attorney’s, from Medical Examiners and Coroners, from being looked at through penal laws, to keep cases from local courts and judges . The agreement that New York State has with its provider agencies which they call their “coherent oversight scheme” and their “carefully cultivated understanding” regarding making sure documents and evidence won’t be used against them is therefore fulfilled . All along though this is what is clearly defined as a criminal conspiracy. It is not solely about protecting entities and employees providing negligent services from litigation alone, it is also about protecting them from criminal prosecution. Does this resemble organized crime to you?
Governor Cuomo changed the level to determine abuse internally from “some credible evidence” which it was and always should be to protect our most vulnerable to a “preponderance of evidence” which is a considerably higher standard. This was done to protect the abusers and the criminals, the State and private provider agencies, not the disabled. To lock up the cover-up scheme rock solid other State agency top officials either appointed by Governor Cuomo or the Attorney General himself, who legally represents and protects the Governor, would have to be on board and protect and shield him and his fraudulent whitewash CQC/Justice Center and that is exactly what they are doing . The New York State Inspector General, currently Catherine Leahy Scott, has refused to investigate Governor Cuomo or his CQC/Justice Center, she has refused to request in writing for a Special Prosecutor to be assigned and she has refused to request the appropriate outside federal criminal investigations of Governor Cuomo and other top State officials involved. The exact same refusals for all three of these requests by the former New York State Police Superintendent Joseph D’Amico. The new State Police Superintendent George Beach, who was recently appointed by Governor Cuomo, tragically appears to be following in same footsteps to his predecessor. Many documents clearly documenting State and Federal criminal activity including the purpose withholding of crimes from and deaths from local DA’s, which is obstruction of justice have gone ignored allowing these greater crimes and atrocities to continue, costing many other innocent children and adults with disabilities their lives. An official document obtained through a FOIL request with specific names of people with disabilities that died recently, where abuse and neglect was involved, that were covered-up by Cuomo’s CQC/Justice Center were given to Superintendent Beach. To date, he still has not requested an outside federal criminal investigation by US Attorney Preet Bharara’s. Attorney General Schneiderman, since he became the Attorney General in 2011 has been aware of these criminal practices and gross discrimination in civil rights. Attorney General Schneiderman is protecting and shielding Governor Cuomo and his fraudulent whitewash entity and many other top State officials involved. Attorney General Schneiderman is ignoring the safety, health, rights and lives of upwards of 1,000,000 New Yorkers with disabilities in extreme danger. When organized crime touches into top levels of government in such ways and government officials believe they are above the law, society is in grave danger because of the lawlessness.
Stand with us for “equal rights” and “civil rights” for people with disabilities in New York State and throughout our great country by signing our petition at No longer can 911 be bypassed, 911 call systems must be immediately called by all mandated reporters regarding all physical and sexual assaults, gross negligence of care, significant and suspicious injuries and when a person with a disability is in medical distress or has stopped breathing.

Michael Carey
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