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NYS Justice Center Ensures Most Crimes & Deaths are Covered-Up

Jonathan Carey "Champion for the Disabled" Born September 12,1993 Killed by caregivers on February 15,2007

The Scheme all along is to continue the cover-ups of massive numbers of reported crimes and deaths by keeping local authorities out of the picture

The sole purpose of such illegal activities and obstruction of justice is to cover-up the majority of crimes and deaths of the disabled.
— Michael Carey
DELMAR, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2016 / -- An extremely damning State document was obtained through a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request within the last week from the Schenectady County District Attorney’s office. This document is an official New York State document, an email, in which Governor Cuomo’s appointed prosecutor, not an elected official, but a State employee says that she “will begin sending case referrals” to County elected New York State DA’s. These cases referrals are regarding reported crimes and deaths. The email is dated October 14, 2015 and the Justice Center which was renamed from the former Commission on Quality of Care (CQC) and relocated to give an appearance of reform has a history of these illegal practices. This one in the same State agency officially began operating in Delmar, New York on June 30, 2013. The Special Prosecutor/Inspector General’s name is Patricia E. Gunning. This smoking gun document reveals that many tens of thousands of reported alleged crimes, including large numbers of reported criminally negligent deaths to Cuomo’s CQC/Justice Center were not reported to local District Attorney’s from June 30, 2013 through October 14, 2015 alone. Numerous other documents obtained through FOIL reveal most reported crimes and deaths since this email never were forwarded to prosecutors within the counties where the crimes and deaths occurred. The cover-ups are astronomical in scope and those involved at the CQC/Justice Center must be swiftly criminally charged.
In this same email again it is verified in writing by Miss Gunning herself that it is a “new process” as clearly stated to all NYS elected District Attorney’s, “Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns about this new process.” In the recent AP news story titled, “Agency for disabled to refer abuse cases to prosecutors”, the CQC/Justice Center spokeswoman Diane Ward attempts to spin things otherwise stating, “The special prosecutor is in regular contact with the county DAs about potentially criminal cases in their jurisdiction,” Ward said. Significant documents obtained through FOIL requests of all New York State Counties proves otherwise and that hardly any reported criminal cases or deaths are reported from the CQC/Justice Center to County elected District Attorney’s. The sole purpose of such illegal activities and obstruction of justice is to cover-up the majority of crimes and deaths of the disabled. Since New York State has taken no significant actions to dramatically reduce the rampant physical and sexual abuse and staggering numbers of deaths in these State and private grossly negligent facilities and group homes they continue to cover-up most of the extreme damages and deaths resulting from their negligence. It is not only illegal, but these practices are clearly discriminatory against upwards of 1,000,000 innocent children and adults with disabilities residing in New York State. To deny anyone their equal right to immediate 911 emergency first responder medical and police assistance and services and to deny them “equal protection of laws” is a civil rights matter and in many cases is deadly.
A quote from another news story that just came out is amazing and dumbfounding from Cuomo’s hand selected prosecutor that in most cases bypasses county elected prosecutors, “Defendants like this one who intentionally obstruct investigations by falsifying records are just one reason why abuse and neglect went undiscovered and unchecked in some facilities prior to the existence of the Justice Center,” said Special Prosecutor Gunning. In Special Prosecutor Gunning’s own words and email she incriminates herself and the fraudulent whitewash CQC/Justice Center she works for in Obstruction of Justice, by withholding thousands of reported crimes and deaths from County elected DA’s. Special Prosecutor Gunning’s own actions ensure that most reported crimes, including criminally negligent deaths within counties throughout New York State in most cases are never prosecuted. The worst of the worst of these criminals are those that would physically or sexually assault vulnerable people and the individuals that are directly involved in covering up these heinous criminal acts. This is happening all the time in New York State and these individuals and their organizations are trying to protect themselves from lawsuits and their entities from being shut down. What is so crazy is that Special Prosecutor Gunning who is regularly intentionally obstructing criminal investigations and death investigations and is touting what a wonderful job she is doing to hold this woman in the story accountable. Special Prosecutor Gunning is part of the cover-up scheme and her actions are part of a criminal conspiracy. Special Prosecutor Gunning must be criminally investigated by US Attorney Preet Bharara, charged and prosecuted and held fully accountable.
Here is some recent extremely damning investigative reporting pieces regarding this fraudulent CQC/Justice Center
It is important to reveal how most negligent deaths are covered-up by the Justice Center or with the direct assistance of the Justice Center. In legal terms it is called aiding and abetting. Acting Executive Director of Governor Cuomo’s Justice Center abuse and death hotlines, Jay Kiyonaga, has directed the internal investigations of deaths. . As you will see from this State document the acting Executive Director of Governor Cuomo’s CQC/ Justice Center, Jay Kiyonaga has directed the internal investigations of deaths. Here is the exact quote, “State and private providers should continue to review/investigate deaths in their programs, unless informed otherwise by the Justice Center.” Keeping deaths of people with disabilities dying in many cases extremely young from 911, local police, County elected District Attorney’s and Medical Examiners or Coroners is again for the sole purpose to be able to cover-up criminally negligent deaths.
Stand with us for “equal rights” and “civil rights” for people with disabilities in New York State and throughout our great country by signing our petition at No longer can 911 be bypassed, 911 call systems must be immediately called by all mandated reporters regarding all physical and sexual assaults, gross negligence of care, significant and suspicious injuries and when a person with a disability is in medical distress or has stopped breathing.

Michael Carey
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