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Found Footage Film Hitting VOD This Month

Found Footage Film

Details how the film was taken

Award Winning Documentary

In the Genre of "The Blair Witch" Tom Biscardi has created a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. (OTCMKTS:BGFT)

REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2016 / -- The most recent documentary-style production of Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. Pursuit: The Search for Bigfoot, will be released to iTunes, Amazon, VUDU and Google Play on September 23. This documentary follows the "found footage" style of film making. In the movie the action follows two filmmakers as they attempt to prove or disprove entries in a journal suspected to have been written by Ivan Marx. The journal specifics a route with points of interest and contacts with stories of Bigfoot sightings across the U.S. All that remains from their pursuit of the mysterious hominoid creature is a videotape record of what they found.

A direct quote from the movie details the uniqueness of this film. “What is unique about this movie is that everything is real. There are no actors. There are no fake locations. There are no created stories.” Tom Biscardi is a legendary Bigfoot researcher, also known within the Bigfoot world as the "Godfather" of Bigfoot, Biscardi notes that all of the activity taking place in the film can be “Googled,” the stories relating sightings are documented in other sources and that adds a unique flair to the found-footage genre. “More people are more interested in Bigfoot than ever before,” says Biscardi. “This film combines the realism of actual Bigfoot sightings with a found-footage approach…the result being a damn scary movie that leaves audiences wondering what is fact and what may be fiction.”

Biscardi has also recently been the center of a media-frenzy as he successfully planned and launched Bigfoot Project Investments, Inc., a publicly traded company with the ticker symbol “BGFT.” Currently being traded on the OTC Pinksheets.

Pursuit: The Search for Bigfoot is making is VOD debut on the new True/Found label, a releasing company dedicated to found-footage features and caught-on-camera documentaries. For more information, visit For those looking to purchase the DVD it is available through Walmart online and

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