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The Ranch Brokers Lists 99 Reasons He Loves Ranching and Asks, “What’s Yours?”

Lem Lewis answers your questions about buying or selling a ranch

Reason #85 - Tractors

Reason #36 - Barns

Ranchers Are Invited to Submit the Reasons They Love Their Properties and the Ranching Lifestyle to Lem Lewis' Popular Twitter Series

Yes, it’s tempting to keep all these wonderful reasons to ourselves. But that would violate the ranching credo: We are but stewards of the bounty that God created for everyone to enjoy.
— Lem Lewis
BLANCO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2016 / -- Ranchers are a special breed of people, who often develop a passionate affection for their properties and the ranching lifestyle. Once smitten, many ranchers become unabashed evangelists for the ranching way of life.

Lem Lewis, a veteran ranch broker, knows firsthand what people mean when they describe ranching as “infectious.” A fourth-generation Texas rancher, Lem considers helping people buy and sell ranches a calling.

“It’s something I am meant to do; my higher purpose in life,” he says.

In an effort to explain to non-ranchers what they’re missing, Lem recently created a series of Twitter graphics and posts, titled “99 Reasons We Love Ranching – What’s Yours?” The posts, which run daily on his Twitter account at, showcase just some of the many reasons that Lem, himself, loves ranching, as well as reasons that his loyal clients have shared with him over the years.

“Yes, it’s tempting to keep all these wonderful reasons to ourselves,” Lem admits. “But that would violate the ranching credo: We are but stewards of the bounty that God created for everyone to enjoy.”

In addition to posting his own list of 99 Reasons, Lem is inviting the nationwide ranching community to contribute their own special reasons by emailing or by posting to his Twitter account, @therancherbroker. Lem will include the best responses he receives in future “Reasons We Love Ranching” lists.

Among the 99 reasons in Lem’s first series are these ten:

1. Never-ending sky
2. Dogs without leashes
3. Barbecue
4. Foals
5. Prime beef
6. Fiery sunsets
7. Fresh milk dispensers (cows)
8. Tire swings
9. Pickup trucks
10. Kids. Kids. Kids.

To see all 99 of Lem’s reasons for loving ranching, following him on Twitter @theranchbroker.

Lem’s full-service brokerage company, The Ranch Broker, offers clients more than three decades of experience. The Ranch Broker concentrates on the Texas Hill Country, South Texas, and West Texas.

“In my family, we’ve been blessed to make ranching a central part of our lives since the late 1920s, when my great grandfather, H.W. Lewis, acquired our family’s namesake property,” Lem says. “My children are the fifth consecutive generation of Lewis’s to be blessed with the wonderful experiences, lifelong memories, and solid values that ranching provides.”

Lem also serves as host of the popular “Ask Lem” video series that provides ranch buyers and sellers answers to some of the most common ranch-related real estate questions. Each “Ask Lem” video runs about two minutes in length, and is available on YouTube at as well as from

If you’re considering a ranch purchase, or to delve into any ranch-related subject, contact Lem by phone (210-275-3551) or email (

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