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Intraboom Announces Its Entry to the Enterprise Market at TechDay Los Angeles 2016

Intraboom presents a new enterprise offering of its popular collaboration system, designed to drastically increase employee engagement, at TechDay LA 2016.

Customers these days require transparency and want to be included as team members. Intraboom provides a unique platform for seamless communication, while reducing emails and increasing productivity.
— Christine Ziebell
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2016 / -- Following its recent move to Los Angeles, Intraboom is now looking to make an impact on the enterprise market with its simple and fun all-in-one collaboration system.

“Many enterprises today face challenges with engagement, transparency and productivity. Millions are being spent on collaboration platforms that are never used because employees find them difficult or inadequate. In order to be effective, software has to be adopted across the board, and unless the system caters also to those employees who do not have advanced technical skills, that won’t happen,” says Christine Ziebell, Founder and CEO of Intraboom.

Intraboom has a simple and intuitive user interface, that users praise as extremely easy to use and that requires no training. The platform provides comprehensive messaging systems (bulletins, discussions, online chat, mobile text messaging etc.), file sharing, calendars and task management, to name a few of its core functions. It also promotes social networking within the workplace.

In addition to the wide range of collaboration tools, Intraboom provides the ability to include customers and other external stakeholders such as partners, suppliers or vendors in teams and projects.

“Customers these days require transparency and want to be included as team members. Intraboom provides a unique platform for seamless communication among all relevant parties, while reducing email clutter and increasing productivity,” notes Ziebell.

For enterprise clients, Intraboom offers fully tailored and customer-branded its platform “powered by Intraboom.” In addition to specific functionalities, enterprises can customize the look and feel of the entire platform in line with their own brand.

“Another interesting offering from an enterprise perspective is our ability to tailor and incorporate different systems and tools into a single platform. For example, following acquisitions, companies often have to transition into consolidating IT infrastructures. With Intraboom, data can be pulled from different systems, thereby creating a smooth transition without disruptions,” says Ziebell.

Intraboom will be exhibiting its new enterprise offering at the Enterprise section of TechDay Los Angeles held on September 22, 2016 at The Reef, 1933 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90007. Admission to the event is free.

Christine Ziebell
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