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New Cell Treatment for Blindness Progressing in Middle East

Dubai Hospital

Retinitis Pigmentosa

Dr. Jeffrey Weiss

MD Stem Cells providing bone marrow fraction treatment for eye disease in Dubai,UAE

We have treated about 750 eyes and 47 different eye diseases- many of which have shown improvement
— MD Stem Cells
DUBAI, UAE, September 21, 2016 / -- Visual loss from retinal or optic nerve problems is often progressive and can have major impact on a person’s ability to live a full life. Many eye diseases causing blindness impact the family as well as the patient and typically cannot be reversed. Now Dr. Jeffrey Weiss, a world-renowned retinal surgeon on staff at the Al Zahra Hospital in Dubai, is finding his vision saving bone marrow fraction treatment (BMFT) therapy receiving increasing patient interest.

MD Stem Cells is continuing to support the same quality BMFT eye treatments in Dubai as are being performed in the United States under the SCOTS stem cell ophthalmology treatment study. This allows treatment of a number of hereditary and degenerative retina and optic nerve diseases. With Al Zahra Hospital’s high quality pediatric and adult surgical resources, both children and adults can be treated.

“We recognize that Al Zahra Hospital provides world class medical services– equivalent to the best care provided in the United States or Europe”, indicated Dr. Weiss. “We are proud and thankful to make this approach available to many millions of patients in and around the United Arab Emirates. "Combining patients from both the United States and Dubai we have treated about 750 eyes and 47 different eye diseases– many of which have shown improvement", reports MD Stem Cells.

According to MD Stem Cells, one purpose of the expansion is to allow better access to this advanced treatment for patients in different countries. “We have had patients delay care waiting for visas to travel to the United States. This can be stressful and allow the underlying disease process to worsen- particularly in retinal diseases and certain optic nerve diseases. We know that for patients from a number of countries it is much easier to travel to Dubai.”

Another reason for expanding to Dubai is the presence of many blinding eye diseases in the Middle East. As the BMFT therapy has become more widely known, Dr. Weiss has seen an increase in referrals from local ophthalmologists.

“There are many retinal and optic nerve diseases for which BMFT can provide vision improvement. However it is important for patients to understand that while BMFT can potentially improve their vision not every patient responds. It is possible that the treatment will not benefit a particular patient or that their vision loss will progress despite the treatment”, explains Dr. Weiss. “We have seen meaningful improvements in patients with otherwise intractable vision loss following treatment. Just recently I did a major television interview regarding a young woman who improved from just barely seeing her fingers to 20/40 - which is legal to drive. It was heartwarming to be in position to treat and help her.”

MD Stem Cells wants to make this treatment readily available to patients from across the region including those from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan , Kuwait, Egypt, India, Pakistan and others, as well as patients from Europe, Asia and Africa who find travel to Dubai convenient.

Conditions eligible for treatment include retinal diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), myopic macular degeneration, hereditary retinopathies such as Retinitis Pigmentosa, Cone Dystrophy, Stargardts, as well as selected inflammatory, vascular and traumatic conditions. Optic nerve diseases considered eligible include glaucoma, ischemic optic neuropathy, optic atrophy, optic neuritis, Lebers , NMO or Devic’s syndrome and some trauma.

MD Stem Cells is a trusted and valued source of the latest information regarding clinically available adult stem cell treatments for patients. Patients interested in treatment in Dubai may contact MD Stem Cells by email, by phone (001) 203-423-9494 or by visiting the website and using the Contact Us page. Please follow us on Twitter for updates about stem cell treatments.

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