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The Best Web Designs of 2016 - Gotta Catch Em All!




They say "advice when most needed is least heeded", but this one is on the house: 5 golden tips for the best website designs of 2016 from award winning agency.

In other words, responsive designs adjust and modifies your website layout according to the screen and/or device from which the user is accessing your site.
— Christopher Savage
FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, USA, September 21, 2016 / -- Some of the web design trends that were once just a bet in 2015 have proved that are here to stay and innovate the website creation world in 2016. With all the recent changes due to the rise of mobile devices, designers should stay up to date in order to adapt to this constantly evolving and dynamic industry. To make things easier, Savage Global Marketing has listed some of the best website designs and trends for 2016, so keep on scrolling!

1. Flat Designs Are Popping!
a. This may be news to most, but flat design is increasing in popularity and it is dominating the Web with its minimalist concept that provides easy navigation to the user, thus increasing what we call User Experience UI/UEX. With cleaner layouts, simpler elements, and clearer fonts, websites created focused on content are most likely to win.
Besides its elegant and original theme, flat designs provide an easier organization when compared to older interfaces, which focused most of the website content in only one page, thus making it harder to keep the visitor entertained and engaged on that page. Ultimately, simpler and cleaner designs help increase website visits and reduce bounce rates.

2. The Rise of Typography
a. Have you ever heard of typography? You must have! That’s because this trend never gets old, and is a great way to drive attention to your website and lure new visitors to check out your content. The opportunities are endless, and four main elements must be taken into account: the type, color, texture, and image. Together, these factors present a major effect on the outcome of your website content.

3. Responsive Design? Yes, Please!
a. With the rise of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs and smart watches, responsive design is no longer an option to your website design – it is a must. Due to this “mobile sovereignty”, responsive websites represent flexibility and practicability to all visitors.
In other words, responsive designs adjust and modifies your website layout according to the screen and/or device from which the user is accessing your site. With such flexibility, it is possible to make larger modifications with a few extra lines of codes, besides allowing developers to hide unnecessary elements on mobile devices. The biggest news in 2016, however, is that responsive designs will also be supported on Smart Watches and Smart TVs!

4. Storytelling For The Win
a. We are not necessarily speaking of “once upon a time…”, but storytelling is a practice that arises feelings and sympathy in the public, making them more likely and willing to engage with the brand and its message. Truthfully, storytelling is the most popular writing strategy for content creation in 2016, and can be attested around the web: just pay attention to all the audiovisual resources available nowadays, such as Cinemagraphs, that help spread ideas while captivating and interacting with your audience.

5. Posts Without Images and Videos Are Boring!
a. Ultimately, the more interactivity, the better! But don’t go “too too” crazy with it – you don’t want your visitors smacking their monitors trying to kill something that moved on the screen… Most people in the U.S. have lighting fast Internet connection, which allows web designers and developers to invest heavily in images and videos. Moreover, data reports have shown visitors are more likely to visit, like, and share pages with images and video content.

These 5 golden tips for the best website designs in 2016 are here to help you attract more visitor and boost your sales. But if you think this is a little over your head, or would rather have digital marketing expert professionals help you with the job, reach out Savage Global Marketing, and they will surely help improve your business!

Christopher Savage
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