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New York teacher, author stages trial drama on current educational issues in America

Author Gary Chattman recently partnered with Tate Publishing to kick-start the publication process of his book, “My Child Left Behind.”

A crucial tool towards the total overhaul of America’s education.
— Katie Hignite, Acquisitions Editor, Tate Publishing
YONKERS, N.Y., UNITED STATES, September 20, 2016 / -- YONKERS, N.Y. – Author Gary Chattman recently partnered with Tate Publishing to kick-start the publication process of his book, “My Child Left Behind.”

An eye-opening story, “My Child Left Behind” is an exposé of the horrific conditions of the education system in America today, brought about by the uncommon core, corrupt standardized testing and the ridiculous rubrics in evaluating teachers.

“I am a teacher and an administrator, and I am appalled at the educational conditions in the United States today. That’s the reason why I wrote this book,” shares Chattman, when asked about the inspiration behind his book.

“It is a crucial tool towards the total overhaul of America’s education system and will enlighten parents, teachers, and students of the horrific education status of our nation today,” states Katie Hignite, Acquisitions Editor for Tate Publishing.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Chattman is a retired teacher and administrator of New York City public schools and author of five published books, “Coming of Age: Bar and Bat Mitzvah Without Hebrew School,” “The Quixotic Teacher,” “If I Should Die Before I Wake,” a novel of Jewish religious identity, “My Diary: Stories Written by Teens About Jewish History” and “Happiness, You Came Too Late,” a novel about the affects of AIDS on a nuclear family. In his latest book, “My Child Left Behind,” Chattman leads a crusade against standardized testing, networking across the country with teachers and parents to rid ourselves of these irrelevant tests. Chattman is currently a resident of Yonkers, New York.

Founder of the Truman High School Drama Society, Chattman also reviews shows as a publisher or critic for West Chester Arts and Education Review. He loves being a teacher and influencing 1000 children – by his estimation – in his lifetime. Many of his former students are now professionals in the arts. He has also been a high school theater teacher for many years in not-so-good high schools of the Bronx but has succeeded in introducing theater to many students, where he is the director of the Anton’s Teen Theatre.

The ability not only to impart knowledge but identity and brotherhood in children are some of the hallmarks of Chattman’s career. Caring is important in being a successful teacher, teaching facts and history so it relates to children is more important than teaching facts so that a child will score higher on a standardized exam, therefore, giving the school greater recognition. For A teacher is born, not made. That ability must be nurtured so that he or she can impart it to others. That is the mark of a successful teacher.


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