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Dalian BITeomics, Inc. lower the price of enzyme gel breaker

We have reduced the price of enzyme gel breaker which can be used in hydraulic fracturing at the temperature range of 10-150℃, pH range of 4-10.

DALIAN, LIAONING, COUNTRY, September 19, 2016 / -- Dalian BITeomics, Inc. is a high-tech biological company established by overseas Chinese scientists since 2003. We are the earliest and largest professional manufacturer of enzyme gel breaker. Our factory covers an area of 66000 sq.m.
Enzyme Gel Breaker as a polysaccharide polymer glycosidic bond specific hydrolase follows the principle of "one key just can open one lock",it only breaks the specific glycosidic bonds in polysaccharide polymer structure, the polymer will be degraded into non-reducing monosaccharide and disaccharide, the chemical reaction happened is hydrolysis reaction of 1,4-β-D-glycosidase in guar gum. Enzyme itself is unchanged before and after guar gum degradation, it just participates in the reaction processing, and reverts back to the original state after reaction, continue participating in the reaction, fully reflect its function.
We can supply you three kinds of enzyme gel breaker as below:
Dr.Nzyme®102: suitable for pH of 4-10, temperature of 10-50℃.
Dr.Nzyme®150: suitable for pH of 4-10, temperature of 50-90℃.
Dr.Nzyme®180: suitable for pH of 4-10, temperature of 90-150℃.
Dr.Nzyme® Enzyme Gel Breaker has below advantages:
•High Efficiency: Enzyme complex attacks, or has an affinity toward, specific polymer linkages resulting in mono- and di-saccharides, which maximizes degradation efficiency.
•Unique Chemistry: Highly compatible, with the only affinity toward specific linkages in the guar molecule, does not react with anything else.
•Customization: Polymer-specific enzymes are custom-designed for any guar or derivatized guar polymer.
•Temperature Stability: Stable at temperatures between 10-150°C.
•Wide pH : Effective in fluids that range in pH from 4.0 to 10.0.
•Less Residue: Enzymes do not require any special handling or disposal. Complete gel breaking lead to less formation damage.
•Compatibility: Compatible with all types of formations, base waters and tubular goods, etc.
•Non-corrosive : Non-corrosive to any metals which may be encountered in the well.
•Recycling Use: Good for recycling use of flow-back fluid.
The using concentration of Dr.Nzyme series products can be adjusted according to specific fracturing system requirements of operating wells. BITeomics can supply technical support according to the specific operating requirements.In general, we suggest that the Dr.Nzyme series products using concentration should be in 30-50mg/l, can also be used by combining with chemical gel breaker according to the actual requirements.
In order to help clients to save cost, recently we have reduced the price of enzyme gel breaker. Please sent email to for more details.

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