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‘Naked Small Business Podcast’ Exposes Entrepreneurship in the Raw

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Olympian and Successful Entrepreneur, Ruben Gonzalez

Dave Chandler, Do-It-Yourself Entrepreneur

The Naked Small Business Podcast showcases mainstream entrepreneurs, not the superstars who appear regularly in the glossy small business magazines.

To the outside world, small business owners look pretty much like everyone else. But in the buff – the way we reveal ourselves on this podcast, we are a unique tribe.
— The Naked Small Business Podcast
DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2016 / -- It’s not the Hollywood version, or the politician’s pitch, or what they teach in business school, or what you tell strangers, if they bother to ask.

The Naked Small Business Podcast (NSBP), now available to stream or download for free, is the fully exposed, undraped version of entrepreneurship: gritty, demanding, nerve-wracking, exhilarating, exasperating, and invigorating – often all at the same time.

On a weekly basis, NSBP introduces listeners to the men and women who’ve accepted the challenge of entrepreneurship, for better and worse. From the bootstrap school teacher in Michigan who moonlights selling handmade doggie bowties, to the service industry tycoon in New Jersey who generates more than $23 million a year in revenues, the guests on NSBP run the gamut of America’s dedicated small business owners.

“Entrepreneurs and small business owners are a unique breed,” says Dean Rotbart, host of the podcast, a veteran entrepreneur, and a nationally recognized small business reputation coach. “To the outside world we look pretty much like everyone else. But in the buff – the way we reveal ourselves on this program, we are a unique tribe.”

The Naked Small Business Podcast aims to showcase mainstream entrepreneurs, not the superstars who are regularly featured in magazines such as Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Inc.

“There are tens of thousands of smart, insightful entrepreneurs who rarely, if ever, grace the pages of the glossy small business magazines,” Rotbart explains. “These are the men and women who I relate to most closely, and who I think tens of thousands of other small business owners and entrepreneurs can learn from.”

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In its debut podcast, NSBP featured Ruben Gonzalez, a record-breaking Olympian and successful entrepreneur.

In high school and college, Gonzalez displayed hardly a lick of athletic talent. Yet he dreamed of becoming an Olympian and being counted among the elite athletes of the world.

That he did.

From benchwarmer to recordholder, Gonzalez made courage and perseverance his mantra, and went on to become the only Olympic athlete ever to compete in four Olympic games in four different decades – most recently in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, at age 47.

These days Gonzalez is a much-in-demand corporate speaker and author, translating his strategies for success from the icy luge track to the fast-paced, often icy business and career world.

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This week’s NSBP spotlight is on Dave Chandler, a consummate do-it-yourself entrepreneur. The creator of Running Belt Max, a popular Lycra waist belt that appeals to athletes and non-athletes alike, Chandler has no employees.

Chandler serves as Running Belt Max’s designer, marketer, distributor, PR guy, and webmaster. Moreover, he’s orchestrating all of this from Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he relocated four years ago.

Although Running Belt Max is less than a year old, it is already selling better than 97% of all sports waist belts on  It's first production run sold out in only ten weeks.

On NBSP, Chandler reveals secrets from his one-man-band entrepreneurial playbook.

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