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Schools at all levels are experiencing unacceptable levels of injuries

The education system MUST improve its EHS performance

YUMA, AZ, USA, September 12, 2016 / -- Educational facilities have such a wide range of EHS responsibilities that it is amazing that so few have professional safety staff.

The list of potential safety issues is seemingly endless; staff, public, student, active shooter,bullying, lab , playground, school bus, traffic, shop, and mechanics

With all these possibilities of safety failure why do so few schools and/or districts have professional staff? Of course cost, education is facing funding shortfalls that continue to worsen. Many schools have Resource Officers but these folks seldom move beyond student safety and the active shooter/bullying issues. So if a school can not afford to hire enough teachers why would they hire a safety professional?

The short answer is "To save money". Hiring someone saves money????? Well yes the potential is there. An example: in 2013 Education and Health services experienced 13 deaths and 47,470 injuries. So fatalities are happening at a little more than 1/month while injuries are occurring at more than 183 per day.

Workers' compensation claims for slips, trips and falls are costly. In 2013, these averaged more than $44,000 per person.(From an NSC article of September 08, 2016)

If a safety pro could prevent 2 incidents of almost any kind yearly it would more than pay their compensation.

Some schools districts have claims cost that are so high they cannot get affordable insurance, sometimes none.

It is time for schools to join the rest of industry and hire safety staff.

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