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LINLINE Exhibits for the 2nd Year at the 4th Regional Days Adeesse and Laser Group Congress

Time Back Trigger : RecoSMA® technology in stretchmark & rejuvenation treatment

The more the experts understand about the science and safety of this revolutionary technology then the quicker we can help..
— Nicolas Richard, President, LINLINE France
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 12, 2016 / -- LINLINE Medical Systems was proud to show off its latest technical achievements at the 4th Regional Days Adeesse and Laser Group Congress at the Palais du Pharo, Vieux Port, Marseille held between 8th to 10th September 2016.

For the fourth consecutive year, specialists in cosmetic dermatology, lasers and energy based devices, met on the occasion of their Regional days. The congress is an opportunity to discuss all of the latest developments in cosmetic and aesthetic technologies and includes exhibitions, televised debates, lectures and expert panels.

Over 200 delegates attended and nearly 50 companies were represented at the exhibition this year. The aim of the ADEESSE is to promote the development of aesthetic dermatology exclusively through scientific and medical platforms. The objective of this approach to dermatological expertise, is to critically scrutinise information, publications, evaluation procedures, proposed products and techniques.

This commitment to excellence allows the ADEESSE to offer the highest quality of patient care, technical effectiveness and safety. The ADEESSE has now acceded to the French Federation of Continuing Education in Dermatology and Venereology.

This year LINLINE exhibited it’s latest development RecoSMA® - “The Time Back Trigger”, and concentrated on the use of SMA (Spatially Modulated Ablation) technology in stretchmark treatment and skin rejuvenation. This unique & revolutionary new method to repair damaged human tissue has been developed and patented by LINLINE, and is implemented in the MULTILINE™ series of devices.

The essence of the method lies in the fact that a periodic structure of tissue vaporised by microablation is created on the treated surface of a particular biological tissue. This is due to the particular energy, temporal and spatial parameters of the laser pulse, produced by an Er:YAG laser that is equipped with LINLINE’s unique SMA module. The epidermis is not removed and the skin does not lose its protective properties. Apart from external microablation, the procedure involves the non-thermal destruction of deep cells up to 6 mm in depth. Damaged cells are replaced by young, functional ones that have none of the changes caused by age or disease.

The method is well established for the treatment of ageing skin (wrinkles, age spots etc.) and age-related skin atrophy (sagging), scarring of the skin (stretch marks, post acne etc.), and even in surgery (purulent wounds, trophic ulcers, pressure sores etc.). The treatment does not require anesthetics even when treating very sensitive parts of the body such as an upper eyelid. There is no risk of changing the natural pigmentation of the skin on the contrary, the method provides an effective tool against age-related hyperpigmentation. There are no restrictions on sun exposure and the recovery period is only a few days.

Nicolas Richard, President of LINLINE Medical Systems SAS, France commented on the event "Once again another successful year for us at the ADEESSE. The more the experts understand about the science and safety of this revolutionary technology then the quicker we can help. The ADEESSE has been the ideal forum for us to do just that."

LINLINE thanked the Board of Directors of the ADEESSE for their hospitality, help and consideration.


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