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Virtual Reality - 360 - Enhanced Emotion Technology Experts share insights

Technology Panel at New Media Film Festival

Honoring Stories Worth Telling

Chadwick Turner - CEO Circle VR and Julian McCrea CEO Portal Ent. share insights into New Media technology Virtual Reality, 360 & Enhanced Emotion Technology.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are disrupters in the Entertainment space.
— Chadwick Turner
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 15, 2016 / -- Innovation in today's media & how it can move filmmakers content/careers forward was the topic at The New Media Film Festival Technology Panel. Excerpts from shared insights on this topic.

Chadwick Turner - Founder Circle VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are disrupters in the Entertainment space.
The democratization of virtual reality really lies in the smartphone, the iPhone has three things in it, an HD screen, a gyroscope and accelorometer, which means the moment the content is worthy of a headset, we then have a medium that will be making tons and tons of dollars.

Good VR content is what is needed. If you're interested in live action 360 video and you want to learn, there are camera solutions with auto stitching, which means you can focus on the storytelling, Buy one of these 360 cameras, start shooting, start learning about it; you'll learn very quickly to have your main actor in the center of your lens. There is money to be made in VR.

Is your goal to become an Amazon or is your goal to be the company that produces content for a media company? Because if your goal is to be an Amazon, it's not a media company. Amazon is a tech company that does everything.

So you have to be in the trenches, learning the medium and wait because there's money to be made but there's not a lot on the content side. There's a studio and there's a bunch of shingles. Do you want to be one of the shingles? Then get in there now.

Be a better story teller. Push the limits, do something that no-one expects and find your niche. Right now the field is a blank whiteboard, but some people are starting to put their name on it and their ideas, it's an open ended game and independents are going to own this space and probably be purchased. It may take 15 months of prep, but that is what’s necessary to do stuff that gets millions of views and stories written about it in the second project. Be mindful of your project. Don’t take a pre-existing project and just try to shove it into VR.

Julian McCrea - Founder Portal Entertainment
Julian built a technology platform over three years that could use the camera in the phone or in the iPad that could measure the audience's emotional response in the face, and the facial muscles. Then he could use that to change the story in real time based upon that, blending a knowledge of empathy, so whether the audience as the relationship to those characters they are seeing, there is some union psychology in there.

There are 2 billion phones, Snapchat is doing 8 billion videos a day of people using their phone to taking their face and telling the story without any extra hardware (goggles,cardboard).

For Virtual Reality, one of the fundamentals with the medium, is who/where am I putting myself into. Transportation VR will take you from where you to a destination, i.e. Pluto, the top of a sky scraper, to the Great Wall of China.

The Psyche experience simulates an experience you might not want to have out of VR. Filmmakers can get too lost in stitching and production but we have to ask ourselves why are we going to put VR gear on in the first place? Julian McCrea suggests to look at a concept called proxemics, which basically means interpersonal space because you're putting someone in an experience and they think they are there. So you have got personal space, intimate space, social space and if you don't understand that then you won't be able to block properly. And your audience won't think it's real in terms of the relationship to character.

Independent VR filmmakers have an advantage as they can get a project out in less time than a studio can. Have small teams, small experiences, test concepts, get projects out every six months.

Julian McCrea - Founder Portal Entertainment, launched the Doctor Who Facebook page with over 1 million fans at the time of press. Julian was shortlisted in the top five in the world by BAFTA, the Phillips Sonoma Award in 2010 and officially selected for the Warner Herzog Film School 2011.

Chadwick Turner, the founder of Circle VR, an immersive media consultancy whose clients include Matel, Epic Center, VR, Riot Games and more. In addition, he is the creator of Virtual Report, a leading news advocator for the immersive media community. Prior to Circle VR, he was head of Contin Partnership, a video and business development manager at Amazon. In addition he has helped strategic business development and marketing goals at VR Studios, 21st Century Fox, IM Global Films and Creative Artist Agency.

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