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Bug Out Box™- The Self-Inflating and Portable Device That Provides a Solution to Bed Bugs!

Bug Out Box - Prototype

Bug Out Box - Kill Bed Bugs with Heat

Bug Out Box - Kill Bed Bugs with Self-Inflating Heat Device

This unique product is designed to kill bedbugs and many other parasites by using controlled convective heat to exterminate pests without damaging belongings!

“It is unrealistic to expect any tired traveler to return home and immediately unpack and wash and dry all their belongings. Thus, this device offers immediate heat sanitation with ease.”
— Inventor Dr. Joseph Bermudez
AKRON, OH, USA, February 7, 2014 / -- Bedbugs are organisms that people do NOT want to encounter - especially in their homes. Bedbugs feed on blood — they are disgusting parasites which reproduce rapidly and defy standard methods of extermination. The bed bug epidemic constitutes a growing worldwide problem which affects hotels, dormitories, and many other communal settings. Travel which involves a hotel stay currently presents a significant risk of a bed bug encounter.

So how is a traveler to prevent possible infestation of the home should he or she return with contaminated travel items? Controlled heat treatment of luggage and its contents offers a safe and effective method to kill bedbugs while simultaneously protecting the treated items from excessive heat.

The Bug Out Box and its Self-Inflating Heat Sanitizer offers that convenient and nearly effortless solution to the bed bug risk by allowing quick heat sanitation on the porch or in the garage prior to home entry. Operation of the Self-Inflating Heat Sanitizer requires only that the power unit hose be connected to the self-deploying heat treatment chamber and the device be activated. The heat treatment chamber then self-inflates, allowing luggage placement. A fabric flap door is secured and the heat treatment proceeds automatically.

This easy and secure method of prevention allows a fatigued traveler freedom from worry about bedbugs. “It is unrealistic to expect any tired traveler to return home and immediately unpack and wash and dry all their belongings,” says inventor Dr. Joseph Bermudez. “Thus, this device offers immediate heat sanitation with ease. Prevention far outshines any effort toward extermination of a bedbug problem.”

Bug Out Box is patent-pending and being developed by Vallmar Studio, a product development company that works with inventors to bring their ideas and dreams to market. With the entry of Bug Out Box to the market, travelers now have an easy and convenient way to have peace of mind upon returning home from a trip. For more information about The Bug Out Box or to order, visit or call +1-330-686-2472.

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