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Twisp Smoking Is Not Smoking

Twisp e-cigarettes are the future. Many more South Africans are becoming aware of their health which means switching to smoke electronic cigarettes. Twisp is the first and only electronic cigarette brand in South Africa.

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA, December 20, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- When you want to light up and enjoy a little e-cigarette, Twisp cigarettes should be what you reach for. Even though many South Africans smoke, we are a healthy, outdoor-living nation. However, with the advancements in electric cigarettes, South Africans now have an opportunity to increase their well-being by taking up Twisp, a new smoking alternative. You have all the benefits of the nicotine, the rush, and the exact taste sensations, with the exclusion of ghastly tobacco.

Twisp is a personal and portable vaporiser product; it is not a real cigarette. It looks, tastes, and feels like a regular cigarette, but it eliminates harmful tobacco. You can smoke Twisp cigarettes and not retain the negative effects of smoke, nasty ash and harmful health risks. Twisp now offer the Fourth Generation Twisp "mini" and "Classic" here in South Africa.

Twisp electronic devices are manufactured by Dutch company, Janty, the leader in manufactured vaporiser cigarettes. The cigarette uses specialist micro-electronics and a lithium polymer cell to evaporate nicotine in a replaceable cartridge, which is also a recycled plastic product. There is no lingering smell with the Twisp, and it feels like a regular slim cigarette. The device emits nicotine without the carcinogenic tar.

Twisp offers a range of cartridges which give you a variety of flavours and strengths to choose from, exciting flavours such as vanilla, coffee, chocolate, cherry and even strawberry are available. Concentrations of nicotine are available in zero, high, medium and low strengths. With this product selection you can switch flavours and strengths as you want to.

E-cigarettes are non-toxic to those friends and family around you, they do not leave an odour in clothes, do not stain curtains or furniture, and can even be smoked in restricted areas. When you light up a Twisp, you are smoking green. "Former tobacco smokers have not only taken a step towards improving their health, but they've also taken a giant leap towards the improvement of our planet," says Philip Bartholomew, spokesperson for Twisp.

Janty have the latest technology in micro vaporisers available, which makes Twisp the leading product on the South African market. Janty were selected because of their serious approach and critical research and development in this field. "We had initially tried to set-up an e-cigarette manufacturing facility, but came up with many headaches, some of which were dealing with substandard suppliers. We then decided to rather team up with an international manufacturer, which enabled us to focus solely on our marketing," says Bartholomew.

Twisp cartridges last for about 200 puffs; this is the equivalent to 15 to 20 cigarettes. While you need to replace the cartridge, the cigarette is reusable, which means a huge drop in butts polluting our cities and streets, and also diminishes fire risks drastically. A cigarette butt is considered to be the most unsightly and "worst urban pollutant in developed countries," explains Bartholomew.

Why not kick an expensive and rather unsavoury habit by switching to Twisp today. Buying cigarettes to quell your habit is costly and not only harms you, but others around you too. Not only will you be improving your well-being, but you will be having a positive impact on our environment. E-cigarettes neither pollute our environment nor emit smoke, which makes this a suitable, satisfying alternative for smokers in South Africa.

About Twisp

Twisp gives smokers the daily nicotine dosage without the unhealthy side-effects and carcinogenic tar. Smokers will want to reach for a Twisp for all of the same smoking sensations are offered in this e-cigarette. You will be satisfied with a Twisp.


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